Monday, February 6, 2012

The New Roof Terrace


Mary said...

What an amazing roof terrace! It would definitely be cool to have a mini roof party there. The space is pretty wide, and the view is amazing. It’s also a perfect place for a romantic candlelit dinner with your special someone. I love it!

Mary Martin

Nelson Mcglaughlin said...

Gosh, the orange lights made this terrace more romantic and beautiful! Well, the terrace is one of the better locations to celebrate a party, or welcome your guests to a celebration. And what better way to set a celebratory atmosphere than to have your guests enjoy the evening air while sipping on some red wine and listening to the jazz band playing soft tunes. :)

[Nelson Mcglaughlin]

Anonymous said...

O-M-G! That view right there is gorgeous and breathtaking! If I were the owner of this house, I would probably spend most of my time there. I’d read a book, take a nap, or simply talk with my special someone under the stars. =) That’s a really nice way to make full of use of your roofing space.

Ashlee Starns