Friday, November 23, 2007

Master Bed & Bath

The random sampler of tiles in the bedroom were the inspiration for giving a open and morrocan feeling to the entire house. One room opens onto another and the patterns blend and change. This photo of the bedroom was taken from the study. On the left would be the sitting or dressing room and to the right the bathroom. This house really has the 'feeling' that many of the 19th century houses in Merida must have had when the Yucatan was more connected by sea and commerce to the south of France and North Africa than it was to the rest of Mexico.


The kitchen has one of our favorite patterns of Marsailles cement tiles on the floor. It is just off the portico outside.

The Living Room

When you open the front door you can see through the house to the back wall of the garden. The blue room is an entry. The pink room is a study that opens onto the master bedroom. The living room has a new sofa and club chairs since these photos were taken. But it still has the traditional butacas shown here as well. The beautiful iron work on the archway to the portico gives the impression of an the orangeries that were made for cooler climates. There is now a dining table out on the terrace and the kitchen is out side to the left of this photo.

The Roof Terrace

The roof terrace is open to the west and it's the perfect place to see the sunset. The top terrace shown here is shaded but there is a lower terrace that is more private and sunny.

The Orangerie

This beautifully restored Colonial house has become a favorite of honeymoon couples and young families. It’s central location and romantic decoration make it an ideal haven for exploring Merida's historic center. It is also within walking distance to Paseo de Montejo with it’s wide shaded sidewalks, handsome mansions, trendy bars and restaurants. You’ll be two blocks from the park and market in the shadows of Santa Ana church. This traditional outdoor market makes it easy and pleasant to shop for provisions, buy crafts or enjoy an alfresco Yucatecan breakfast or lunch. On Saturday nights Noche Mexicana starts at 9pm 3 blocks from the Orangerie. On Sunday mornings four blocks away there is a concert and flea market in Santa Lucia park.

The Orangerie was designed and decorated for maximum use of the outdoors. The arcaded portico downstairs opens to the tropical garden and lily pond fountain. Upstairs there are two terraces surrounded by giant royal palms. One terrace is great for private sunbathing and the other is ideal for relaxing in a hammock or watching the parrots fly over at sunrise and sunset. The ample living room with its large archway overlooks the portico and garden.

The master bedroom is a suite with a queen sized bed that adjoins the bathroom. The guest bedroom is just off the living room and has a double bed . Their are skylights and ceiling fans in both bedrooms. The master bath has a beautiful glass tile tub. There is additionally a giant outdoor shower under the tower in the garden if you prefer.

The kitchen is fully furnished with everything you need to prepare and serve a home cooked meal. Bring your favorite recipes from home and cook with the fresh and exotic spices, fruits and vegetables you can never find at home. You can also take out from or eat in two of the best 'cocina economicos' just around the corner. We will provide you with a list of the best places to eat, shop and hang out in town or out in the pueblos. This house was featured in December 2004 issue of Travel+Leisure magazine.