Monday, February 6, 2012

Master Bedroom

Pool and Portico

The Second Floor Terraces

The second floor terraces lead to the master bedroom and the roof terrace.

The New Roof Terrace

Friday, November 23, 2007

Master Bed & Bath

The random sampler of tiles in the bedroom were the inspiration for giving a open and morrocan feeling to the entire house. One room opens onto another and the patterns blend and change. This photo of the bedroom was taken from the study. On the left would be the sitting or dressing room and to the right the bathroom. This house really has the 'feeling' that many of the 19th century houses in Merida must have had when the Yucatan was more connected by sea and commerce to the south of France and North Africa than it was to the rest of Mexico.


The kitchen has one of our favorite patterns of Marsailles cement tiles on the floor. It is just off the portico outside.

The Living Room

When you open the front door you can see through the house to the back wall of the garden. The blue room is an entry. The pink room is a study that opens onto the master bedroom. The living room has a new sofa and club chairs since these photos were taken. But it still has the traditional butacas shown here as well. The beautiful iron work on the archway to the portico gives the impression of an the orangeries that were made for cooler climates. There is now a dining table out on the terrace and the kitchen is out side to the left of this photo.